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Kallie Tara and Becca Levie 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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My Story

My daughter Kallie and I thank you for stopping by.  Scentsy is such a blessing!  We have made it a family business.  We invite you to join our Scentsy team.  Whatever your desires are as a Scentsy independent consultant, Kallie and I are here to help you.  

My Scentsy Story Starts many years ago.

"You can predict a person's future and determine his bank balance if you
know two things:  the books he reads, and the people he associates with."

People tend to think that success is like magic.  That there are a few choice people who are blessed and all they do is walk blissfully into success, health and wealth and live happy ever after.  If there is one thing that I have learned on my journey it is this:

Success is learned.  That means anyone can be successful at anything if they put their heart, hands, feet and God into it.  As Joyce Meyer would say...Ü 
Dale Carnegie said: "Believe that you will succeed.  Believe it firmly, and you will then do what is necessary to bring success about."
The most powerful part of this quote is the part that reads and you will then do what is necessary to bring about success.

Another of my favorite success tips is:  

“Success often comes after a misstep in the right direction.”

That's correct; success often comes after a misstep in the right direction.  It’s more about movement and doing than the perfection of the action. 

In my early twenties I joined a well-known cosmetic company.  I was so excited about the positive energy I felt at the meetings and the promise of becoming like the other women and having everything I could ever want.  If I was successful I would never have to worry about being homeless again.

I held my first party.  After all the women had their makeovers and were chatting.  I just looked at these young moms…told them they were all beautiful and to go home and spend their money on more important things.  Obviously I wasn’t cut out for this.  I felt like a failure and returned to being a retail manager.

Eventually the desire to have my own business got the best of me.  I tried everything from making gift baskets, cleaning houses and even starting a candle company.  I actually had pretty good success with that one.  Working with scents led my husband and I to creating our own skin care line with an off-shoot of a lip balm promotional company.  At last we were enjoying success.

So with two successful businesses why am I with Scentsy?

I was still feeling unfulfilled, there had to be more.  I wanted something to challenge me.  I wanted something that would allow me to work with and encourage others to discover that they could have so much more.  I knew I wasn’t alone.  Many people face challenges that leave them feeling undeserving and incapable of great things.

Next money and security are huge motivators.  Multiple streams of income are always a good idea.  Direct Sales is the only place you can start with nothing and end up having it all.  Unlimited opportunities to grow, succeed, life coach and get paid top dollar to do so.

People ask what I owe my rapid success to.  It’s a combination of things:  a great company, simple product that I believe in, desire and freedom to create and run my business my way.  I live in a very small community of approximately 600 people.  The town where I shop has only 6000 people.  To some this is an excuse because they don’t know very many people and their town is too small. 

When I started with Scentsy there were already several dozen Scentsy consultants in my town.  I could have let that stop me.  I realized if I think small I get small and if I think big I will get big.

It's so exciting to break through small thinking barriers.  I am delighted to share that I have a frontline Superstar Director who lives around the corner and three second generation Directors who live in town as well and I make a six figure income.  What if I hadn't believed in the beauty of a dream?

Direct Selling opened up the world to me and will for anyone who works it.   

It's time to ignore the “itty bitty icky committee” in your head that tells you, you can't do it.

Years ago I found an illustration of a mountain climber heading up a mountain.  The caption read:

“You can’t help someone to the top of the mountain without getting there yourself.”
It would be a privilege and honor to be your sponsor. Thank you for contacting me.  Order your starter kit and join today.  Hugs Becca & Kallie


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